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Installatron Getting Started Guide

Version: 8.0

Installatron Website Owner Guide

Use Installatron to find applications for your website, install them, and keep them current.


Installatron provides a consistent user-interface that enables you to quickly navigate available features.

Icons ( )

At the top of every Installatron screen there are a number of small icons:

return to control panel

Takes you to the main page of your control panel login.

switch to embedded

Switch to "embedded", where Installatron appears inside the control panel theme.

switch to full screen

Switch to "full screen", where Installatron is not surrounded by the control panel theme.

open the documentation

Open the documentation from


The "tabs" bar (short for "tabbed document interface") gives you access to the main tools of Installatron. The complete tabs bar, with all possible tabs, looks like this:

Applications Browser
My Backups (1)
My Applications (3)

The tabs are context sensitive so you will only see the tabs that you have access to or that are relevant.

Each tab is documented in full in the chapters below.

The Applications Browser tab

The "Applications Browser" tab allows you to explore and compare the applications that are available for installing on your website. And when you find an application that you like you can install it by clicking the install button.

Applications Browser
My Backups (1)
My Applications (3)


If you're looking for a specific application or kind of application, use search to find it quickly. Type text in the search field at the top right of the Applications Browser page, and then press Return on your keyboard to display results.


Applications can also be filtered using the toolbar buttons. Simply click a button to filter the displayed applications.


This button filters applications that are not available in your native language.


This button filters applications that require a database.

Application Information

Click on an application's icon to view detailed information about the individual application.

+install this application

Press this button to install the currently selected application. This will initiate the install wizard.


Press this button to import an externally installed "instance" of the currently selected application. This will initiate the import wizard.

The installed application to be imported can be hosted on the local web hosting account or on a remote web hosting account. If hosted on a remote web hosting account, the installed application will be migrated to a selected location on the local web hosting account.

If successful, the import process will add the imported application to Installatron from where it can be used and upgraded as though it had been installed with Installatron.


The name of the web application.

Current Version

The most recent version of the application.

Tip: This is the latest version supported by Installatron.


The date the most recent version of the application was released.


The type of application. Click to view other applications in this category.


The type of end user license agreement (EULA) used by the application. Click this link to view the license agreement.

A license agreement describes how the software can be used, and for free software can it can include information about pay-for versions of the software.

The EULA must be agreed to before the software can be installed.

Install Size

Displays the amount of hard drive space required to install the latest version of the application, in megabytes. Your hosting account requires at least this much free space to install the latest version of the application, and you should always leave yourself with additional space for incoming emails and room to grow.

Requires MySQL Database
Requires MSSQL Database

Shows whether the latest version of the application requires a MySQL or MSSQL database.

Database systems allow large amounts of data to be stored and retrieved in a fast and efficient manner, and many web applications installed by Installatron require a "database" to store their data. Most application utilize a database system called MySQL, which is a standard feature of all web hosting services. But don't worry; Installatron can handle all the database settings automatically, it just requires that a database be available.


A collection of useful links associated with the application. This can include links to; the application's website, documentation, frequently asked questions (FAQ), a live demo, and support.


Click this link to load Installatron's support ticket system in a new browser window.

Tip: Installatron is the developer of the auto-installer system used to install web applications on your website. Installatron has been purchased and made available to you by your web hosting provider, and the web applications installed by Installatron are each developed by their own group of authors.

Available Versions

A full list of the versions of the selected application that are supported by the Installatron installer, with the date each version was added to Installatron and some version notes.

Category Information

Click on a category header to view more information about the individual application in the category.

The application entries on the category page feature a condensed display of the application information documented above.

The My Applications tab

The "My Applications" tab lists your installed applications. From here you can use and maintain your applications.

Applications Browser
My Backups (1)
My Applications (3)

This tab appears when you have one or more installed applications. Use the "Applications Browser" tab to install applications.

Each installed application features its own little feature-packed GUI:

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